Krieg Climbing Estb. 1998 Red River Gorge KY

Bear Sunset chalk bag Krieg Climbing

"As a Native American symbol, the bear is as free in spirit
as the great wind and as grand as the universe within it lives.
........a massive animal who forages seemingly peacefully
in the woods on berries and bush...but
when provoked
in certain ways.....
a ferocity expressed from the bear that
could elicit terror."

Features: -Distinctive fabric designs
-Size 5x5 x 7 Tall' -High quality fleece lining -Bomber Rip stop nylon -Uber-rigid nylon webbing rim -Medium/large volume and capacity -Adjustable belt
-Whistle lock buckle -Built-in drawcord closure -large Zipper pocket -brush holder -Trusted 20 years
-100% Warranty We will fix it or replace it.
-weight 3-4 oz.

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