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Single Speed Limited Edition bags

 Dejay Birtch is the brains and mojo behind this bag.....

There are only about 2 dozen of these still available.  When they are gone... they are gone! 

These are the orphan bags in XL size we made for SS Championships.  Xl is still small... it’s perfect for tube/co2/tool....your iPad won’t fit but a tiny pump might! It’s perfect in size. If you want a bigger bag we don’t make one...and the smaller bag is a touch to small for the mountains. 

I have a few dozen left and we are going to release these for the public to buy. All proceeds will go direct to a beer fund ....for my local trail association... I’ll take beer out to them this summer in your name.  This beer will be delivered cold.

 I’ll reach out to the trail workers and organize some sort of awesome hook up I promise.  TBD and I’ll get you details directly I promise.  Sam k